Beyond the Opening is a public record of recent outstanding Australian and European exhibitions we attend. This record is an effort to share the experience of the art work, the  exhibition, and the space it inhabits. Enjoy!

Navigating the Tate

Being in the Tate Modern is like being in a vast warehouse – which is exactly what it was. It is a shell of a gigantic repurposed industrial building. The prestigious status of the art gallery within society has been reimagined and replaced by a utilitarian space built for the people, and for the display of art. Modern and contemporary works challenge and delight at every turn. This is no place for the feint hearted. .. It is raining and we bustle in through the entrance shoulder to shoulder with a crowd that seem to instantaneously disperse as we pass through the gate. The vastness of the interior space masks the complexity of rooms within it. There is gallery after gallery – linked white r

Neil F Wyatt | retrospective

Hidden within the narrow passageways of a medieval French village I sneak a peek at a formidable exhibition - before it opens to the public. This collection of retrospective works by Neil F Wyatt showcases humanity’s search for something bigger and more meaningful than itself, transcending centuries, mythologies and cultures. Technically brilliant, Neil’s works are…epic. … Weaving my way through the cobbled lanes and passageways between adjoined town houses, painted window shutters ajar, it is the height of summer in southern France. I’m dodging flower boxes in full bloom, café chairs, tables, dogs and children on bikes. Clustered groups of patrons rally together over a coffee or beer, revel

A very concise history of art | 1470-1895

Historical artworks can help to put context around contemporary art. To view a concise yet comprehensive collection of western art from the Renaissance to the turn of last century, make time to visit the Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh. Displayed here are works by the most celebrated and influential artists of the last 600 years - it is like roaming through an encyclopedia. Rove your eye from masterpiece to masterpiece; Titian, Raphael, Rembrandt, Corot and Matisse sit side by side…this is the foundation contemporary art is built on. The collection is first class, and sits alongside significant and celebrated Scottish talent – and it’s rather exciting how swiftly one can experience and