Beyond the Opening is a public record of recent outstanding Australian and European exhibitions we attend. This record is an effort to share the experience of the art work, the  exhibition, and the space it inhabits. Enjoy!

Sanné Mestrom | Black paintings

/ the shift from medium specificity [alternative title] It is a rare treat to experience two series of works by the same artist in the same location. Mestrom’s exhibitions are a sophisticated investigation into art history, human civilisation and feminism using a range of opposing mediums. This is an understated collection of work that is visually and conceptually complex - and thoroughly enjoyable to be amongst. … Freeway The frequency of sculptures displayed along the freeway increases as you near McClelland Gallery. They are a place marker, a location identifier, a cultural signifier. Between the passengers of the car these works quickly provoke query, some bewilderment, and others joy. W