Beyond the Opening is a public record of recent outstanding Australian and European exhibitions we attend. This record is an effort to share the experience of the art work, the  exhibition, and the space it inhabits. Enjoy!

Jiri Tibor Novak | Isobel Rayson | Natalie Anderson

This space has energy, a vibe, it is good, and it’s worth every moment getting there to soak it up. Boom Gallery is a destination. The exhibition of Jiri, Isobel and Natalie’s work is polished in every aspect. Although the subject matter of each artist is seemingly disparate, walking through each of the gallery spaces is refreshing by the contrast of genres, the quality of the work, the investigation into the relative subject matters, and mediums. Visit this gallery for a supreme coffee, a browse through the stock room, to find a unique piece of jewellery or pottery, or - to just soak up the vibe. … Amidst Geelong inner suburbs there are a few blocks of sprawling industrial buildings. Built