Beyond the Opening is a public record of recent outstanding Australian and European exhibitions we attend. This record is an effort to share the experience of the art work, the  exhibition, and the space it inhabits. Enjoy!

Peter Waples Crowe and Megan Evans | Savages and Squatters

I realise the colonial prints I’ve been looking at are a part of this exhibition. They are the primary subject these two contemporary artists have been asked to respond to, and the response of each is from their relative cultural position, from both the past and present. Peter Waples-Crowe, Ngarigo, is a man of the Alpine country bordering Victoria and New South Wales, and Megan Evans, a descendant of Scottish, Irish, and Welsh heritage. Her great-grandfather occupied land next to Ngarigo territory and they have collaborated for 2 years on this project. The result is a rigorous and courageous exhibition that is both truthful and perverse. Each artist balances, embellishes and augments the ot