Beyond the Opening is a public record of recent outstanding Australian and European exhibitions we attend. This record is an effort to share the experience of the art work, the  exhibition, and the space it inhabits. Enjoy!

O'Keeffe, Preston, Crossington Smith | MAKING MODERNISM

The opportunity to experience a substantial collection of each of these three artists under the same roof was thrilling. These women - forerunners of their time, working in the same genre, same medium, with similar sensibilities and themes drew cultural and artistic lines across two countries (Australia and America). The layout and design of the exhibition made it easy to compare and contrast, to see the similarities and differences, and to understand more about the modernism movement as a whole. A highly enjoyable experience. This touring exhibition has first been exhibited at Heide, but if you missed the Melbourne exhibition, you could head over to the Queensland Art Gallery for a quick lo

HANNAH BERTRAM | Emerging from and disappearing towards dust

This is a detailed and quiet exhibition with surprises at every turn. Hannah tells a compelling story and uses diverse mediums to share her exploration and her practise. Pictures really do not suffice. Hannah has created an experience – go check it out. … Stepping into the dark cool my eyes need to adjust. There is an office to my right, a corridor in front, and dark space to my left. Which way? Who’s showing? Why? I need to ask. I round the corner to my left and seek out the light from between deep shadow. An eclectic collection of frames arranged in the corner of the gallery display what seem to be graphite dust smudged onto crumpled, frayed and folded material, paper or fabric – something